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GATX welcomed SNF to demonstrate their new tank cars. Here's all you need to know

GATX welcomed SNF to demonstrate their new tank cars. Here's all you need to know
photo: GATX/Zacns / GATX type 2591
29 / 08 / 2022

GATX staff welcomed SNF representatives at the GATX in-house workshop in Ostroda, Poland, for a demonstration of the construction processes on the new 15 x 2591 tank cars. SNF specializes in water treatment for municipalities, industries, oil & gas, paper mill, textile, and cosmetic markets to improve the quality of water.

With water becoming a threatened resource globally, the company plans to increase production significantly within the next five years and uses the most sustainable mode of transport, where possible, including GATX railcars. SNF representative Pierre Congard was very satisfied with GATX’s dedication to a quality construction process, technical explanations, the production steps and the demonstrated results, which was also confirmed by Valentine Peresson, an independent expert invited by SNF.

Throughout the visit, they were happy to witness in detail every construction step, a view inside the tank, and observe the wheelset maintenance, blasting and painting. The customer confirmed that all of their requirements were fully met. The wagons recorded a degree of cleanliness and will be securely stored at Ostroda until the delivery date. GATX teams will accompany SNF to its planned use of telematics and sensor solutions for better logistics monitoring. The company expects the cars to be promptly completed and receive ERA authority approval soon to meet the expected final delivery in the fall.

Following the successful outcome, GATX is discussing further railcar collaboration projects with SNF and looking forward to working with SNF and deepening the partnership.


Source: GATX Press Releases