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GATX Rail Europe's Strategic Alliance with Rail Associations: Enhancing Rail Logistics

GATX Rail Europe's Strategic Alliance with Rail Associations: Enhancing Rail Logistics
photo: GATX Rail Europe / Public domain/GATX
20 / 12 / 2023

GATX Rail Europe is fortifying its position through strategic alliances with key railway and economic associations like UIP, UIRR, IBS, GCU, and EDDP/DAC4EU, which plays a crucial role in ensuring standardized and reliable railcar operations across the continent, alongside promoting intermodal transport.

UIP's advocacy for wagon keepers and UIRR's promotion of Combined Transport are among the notable contributions of these organizations. Their focus on fair competition, interoperability, safety, and eco-friendly freight transport echoes GATX Rail Europe's objectives. Particularly significant is the company's participation in the European DAC Delivery Programme (EDDP), which aims to revolutionize rail freight traffic through digital automatic coupling.

At the national level, GATX Rail Europe's active membership in wagon keeper associations across various countries, including VPI in Germany and Austria, contributes significantly to standardizing railcar maintenance and enhancing safety standards. This direct involvement not only benefits GATX Rail Europe's clients by ensuring the safety and reliability of leased railcars but also allows the company to influence the setting of industry-wide standards.

Additionally, GATX Rail Europe's engagement in national Chambers of Commerce and Transport, and its presence in networking platforms like DVF and VNL, underline its commitment to promoting rail transport and fostering economic cooperation. “They are essential to make sure that safety standards are kept at a high level while allowing for a competitive, innovative rail freight sector across Europe,” he says. I am honored to bring my expertise as a wagon keeper to these organizations and to push for advancements where I see they would benefit our sector,” comments Johann Feindert, CEO of GATX Rail Europe.