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GATX Rail Europe Revamps Sales Organization for Enhanced Customer Focus

GATX Rail Europe Revamps Sales Organization for Enhanced Customer Focus
photo: GATX/GATX Rail Europe Revamps Sales Organization for Enhanced Customer Focus
19 / 04 / 2023

In 2023, GATX's team is evolving by implementing a new Market-Driven Sales Organization. The reason for this change lies in GATX Rail Europe's commitment to being customer and service-oriented, which necessitates strategic evolution and advancement every year.

To make railcar leasing safer and easier for all, it is essential to uphold the institution's key values and mission: providing unparalleled customer service, growing and diversifying, and transforming into a digital, data-driven company while achieving employee excellence.

To improve the sales organization, the focus is on strengthening both customers and the organization within the industry. This will be accomplished by positioning sales and service teams on a more local level, becoming more market and customer-oriented, and expanding regional reach.

Introducing Regional Sales Offices, the reorganization of market operations centres around the functions of five regional areas:

  • Sales Area North: located in Hamburg, servicing Northern and Eastern Germany and Scandinavian countries
  • Sales Area Central: located in Dusseldorf/Zug, servicing Southern Germany, the Netherlands, and the Non-French speaking part of Switzerland
  • Sales Area South: located in Vienna, servicing Austria, Hungary, South Eastern Europe, Slovakia, and Turkey
  • Sales Area East: located in Warsaw, servicing Poland, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, and the Baltics
  • Sales Area West: located in Paris, servicing France, Belgium, Luxembourg, the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Italy, and Spain

Each area is overseen by an area manager, a sales manager responsible for overall customer relationship management, and a customer service team focusing on after-sales activities, including a customer service team lead, a customer service commercial support, and a customer service technical support.

The one-face-to-customer approach will be maintained, with the sales force ensuring deep technical knowledge, managing sales contracts, and optimizing wagon availability. After careful planning, the team is prepared for a successful future and ready to provide quick, customized offers to fulfil railway transport needs. For any questions regarding the new market operations pillar, feel free to reach out or contact the team. They are also excited to meet you at the transport logistics fair in Munich.

Source: GATX