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GATX Rail Europe Finalizes Grain Railcar Handover to Global Rail Solution SRL

GATX Rail Europe Finalizes Grain Railcar Handover to Global Rail Solution SRL
photo: GATX Rail Europe/GATX Rail Europe Finalizes Grain Railcar Handover to Global Rail Solution SRL
15 / 09 / 2023

In a recent development, GATX Rail Europe's team overseeing Southeastern Europe has concluded the transfer of 78 grain railcars, specifically the Tagnpps 95m3 type, to their newest client, Global Rail Solution SRL.

This logistics provider, headquartered in Romania, is a burgeoning name in the grain transportation realm. As an enterprise focused on rail logistics, Global Rail Solution SRL boasts an expansive network spanning Eastern and Central Europe, ensuring seamless grain transportation throughout these regions. The firm stands out for its unique blend of professionalism and familial ethos, helmed by founders Romeo and Daniela Dragoi, and supported by Valentin and Stefania Grosu.

The handover was organized in Caracal, where detailed checks were carried out on the new Tagnpps railcars before their transition. These measures, which mainly entailed tests for tank waterproofing, were imperative to uphold the quality and safety standards both parties are committed to.

In addition to the transfer of railcars, the occasion was also significant for another collaborative effort. Romeo Dragoi, the Managing Director of Global Rail Solution SRL, emphasized the importance of the recent collaboration, saying, “One of our major priorities during this period is the renewal of our wagon fleet. We have an added responsibility due to the GMP+B4 Transport certification we hold, which commits us to ensuring high-quality transport services. It is essential for us to avoid detaching wagons from complete trains due to technical reasons, ensuring that the entire batch of goods reaches its destination without delays or issues. Our collaboration with GATX Rail Europe has been crucial in this regard. This partnership not only supports us in strengthening our fleet but also helps us respond more efficiently to the demands of the food sector in Europe, especially at a time when green and sustainable supply chains are of paramount importance. Indeed, we see this collaboration as a key to our success in this industry.”

Commenting on the partnership, Biljana Tejic, Sales Manager at GATX Rail Europe, expressed enthusiasm about having Global Rail Solution SRL on board, adding, "This new partnership is a great match at the right time and an important step toward greener food transports in Europe, strengthening the European grain track."