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GATX Promotes Professional Growth with Comprehensive Tank Car Training

GATX Promotes Professional Growth with Comprehensive Tank Car Training
photo: GATX/GATX Promotes Professional Growth with Comprehensive Tank Car Training
26 / 06 / 2023

GATX, a leading provider of railcar leasing and services, emphasizes the importance of employee training to maintain the quality of its offerings. Recognizing the pivotal role of its workforce in driving success, GATX is committed to keeping its professionals updated with the latest advancements in railcar technology. To this end, the company recently concluded a comprehensive three-day tank car training session in collaboration with Rail Training in April.

During the training, participants deepened their knowledge of various tank car concepts, thanks to the trainers' expertise. Julian Madsen, Strategy and Sales Development Manager in Europe, highlighted the significance of such training in line with the organization's market-oriented sales approach. He emphasized that it provides employees with valuable opportunities to enhance their professional competence.

The training sessions received a positive response from the participants. Ole Eberhardt, an assessment participant, expressed appreciation for the informative sessions that directly related to their everyday work. Additionally, the interaction with colleagues from different GATX sites added further value to the training experience, contributing to their daily business operations.

The training program consisted of both theoretical and practical sessions. Theoretical aspects covered topics such as proper valve usage, prevention of incorrect operations and malfunctions, sealing technology, derailment detectors, and various fittings. To complement the theoretical knowledge, practical sessions were conducted, focusing on the hands-on handling of fittings, demonstrations of components on a training tank car, functioning of derailment detectors, safe operation instructions for equipment parts, and crash buffers. Romana Mucherl, a new employee at GATX Rail Europe, praised the course for its multi-dimensional learning approach. The training covered theoretical aspects and allowed participants to apply their knowledge immediately on a training vehicle, providing a real-world experience.