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France Announces €100 Billion Rail Investment Plan for Greener Transport

France Announces €100 Billion Rail Investment Plan for Greener Transport
photo: Benoit Tessier/REUTERS/France Announces €100 Billion Rail Investment Plan for Greener Transport
01 / 03 / 2023

France has announced its plans to invest €100 billion in the rail sector by 2040 to create a more efficient and low-carbon transport system, following a decision by the Infrastructure Orientation Council (COI).

The plans aim to decarbonise the transport sector, the biggest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions while developing a better and more energy-efficient daily transport system to reduce territorial divisions and improve citizens’ lives.

The prime minister of France, Elisabeth Borne, announced the investment, which will focus on the development and modernisation of the national rail network, including in rural areas, alongside SNCF, local authorities, and the European Union. The “new rail deal” strategy will also include the modernisation and development of metropolitan RERs (Réseau Express Régional), and discussions will start in March with local executives to determine the operational and financing methods for the projects.

The investment will increase the funding for the renewal and regeneration of infrastructure by €1 billion per year and €500 million each year for the modernisation of the network. This is part of France’s aim to develop a more complete transport network for its citizens and to reduce its GHG emissions.


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