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EXCITING: Rail Baltica to receive CEF's additional funding. What are the fugures?

EXCITING: Rail Baltica to receive CEF's additional funding. What are the fugures?
photo: Rail Baltica/EXCITING: Rail Baltica to receive CEF's additional funding. What are the figures?
26 / 10 / 2022

On October 21, RB Rail AS, the joint venture of the Baltic States, announced the signing of an additional cross-border Grant Agreement for the Rail Baltica global project under the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) funding.

The budget for this agreement is 422.6 million euros, with the CEF contribution being 353.9 million euros, or a maximum of 85%, while the remaining financial contribution will be provided by the governments of the three Baltic States. The agreement is signed by the European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (CINEA), the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia, the Ministry of Transport of Latvia, the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Lithuania, and Rail Baltica joint venture RB Rail AS.

According to Agnis Driksna, CEO and Chairperson of the Management Board at RB Rail AS, the current economic situation demands that partners in the three Baltic countries cooperate closely to deliver the Rail Baltica and maintain its position as one of the top priority high-speed infrastructure projects in the European Union. With the additional funding, Rail Baltica can meet critical targets and further advance with its construction and delivery as a united Baltic project.

The approved activities reflect the priority tasks to be started next year, including remaining mainline designs, start of construction works on Rail Baltica mainline on the priority section in Latvia, construction of substructure and associated elements on the Rail Baltica mainline in Estonia, and activities aimed at ensuring cross-border dimension and technical interoperability.

In addition, the confirmed activities will ensure the further continuation of the Rail Baltica coordination by RB Rail AS as a cross-border global project that meets the necessary sustainability and climate-neutral transport infrastructure consistent with the European Green Deal goals. Morten Jensen, Head of Unit at CINEA, lauded the Grant Agreement and CEF's support of the Rail Baltica global project.