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EXCITING: New Subsidiary of Škoda Group Has Been Opened in Italy

EXCITING: New Subsidiary of Škoda Group Has Been Opened in Italy
photo: Archive/New Subsidiary of Škoda Group Has Been Opened in Italy
03 / 11 / 2022

Škoda Group has expanded its business to Florence and, thereby, wants to help Italy to become an innovative city with respect for the environment.

Škoda Group has just opened a branch of its new subsidiary in Florence, Italy, and named Olesea Lachi as the managing director, who has been in charge of sales of rolling stock in the Group until now. Škoda Group has already worked for Italian clients in the past in such projects as trolleybuses or tram supplying.

Škoda Group in Italy will focus on rail transport and rolling stock for urban transport and offer a complex solution from manufacture to delivery of complete vehicles and their maintenance too. Škoda Group has already made a name for itself in this business by bringing it to German and Finnish markets in the past. 

Olesea Lachi, Managing Director of Škoda Group’s Italian subsidiary, said, “The specifics, preferences, and habits of Italian operators are like the Czech ones. Many cities in both countries are UNESCO heritage sites and offer stunning historic centers characterized by narrow streets, and arches with small, curved radii, which place higher demands on vehicle manufacturers. Medium-sized cities have a long tradition of trolleybus transport, but often have to cross several sections without catenary. The countries are also linked by their focus on the Green Deal and sustainable mobility solutions. All this together makes the Škoda Group particularly focused on the Italian market.”

Even though the tram route might seem a little bit retro, it actually creates modern and effective infrastructure and presents a symbolic example of virtual mobility. According to Škoda Group, in the city of future, trams will be driving themselves alone and absolutely safe thanks to the newest technologies. It won’t take long until there are more and more vehicles powered by batteries and also ecological and sustainable. Respect for the environment is an unforgettable factor, given that Tuscany belongs to UNESCO and wants to reach the goal of being emission-free by 2030.

“The experience of Florence speaks for itself: the tram is essential for the daily life of cities, changing and improving them,” comments Florence Mayor Dario Nardella.

Source: Škoda Group