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EXCITING: Mermec Focuses on Aerospace

EXCITING: Mermec Focuses on Aerospace
photo: Mermec/Mermec Focuses on Aerospace
13 / 02 / 2023

Made in Italy is not only the best-known for fashion, food or design but for advanced technology, too. The Mermec group, specializing in cutting-edge solutions for rail transport, urban electric mobility and industrial applications, is betting strongly on Marca Trevigiana, one of the company's headquarters (which has its headquarters in Monopoli, Puglia) located in Morgano.

It is where sophisticated laser, vision, 3D reconstruction and processing systems are designed and manufactured for railway network and convoy operators in Italy and around the world: its technicians are busy from Scotland, to Finland, to the Paris metro, to Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and the United States. Systems, for example, are capable of measuring in real time the presence of deformations in the rails or the wear and tear of wheels and brakes on trains, thus preventing accidents, but also accurately planning maintenance.

Projects also extend to the steel industry or logistics. The most recent frontier is aerospace, in particular devices for telecommunication or weather satellites, thanks also to the synergy between Mermec and Sitael, another subsidiary of Angel, the industrial holding to which both companies belong. The Morgano site today employs 150 people, with an average age of 35, and more than half of them graduate in engineering, physics, mathematics or statistics: the goal is to grow to 250 employees by 2025. Mermec, as a whole, employs 1,400 people (of which a thousand are engineers) and has subsidiaries, offices and facilities in 21 countries and a portfolio of solutions currently in use in 71 countries around the world. Angel, which is privately Italian-owned and chaired by Cavalier Vito Pertosa, is active in the railway and aerospace sectors as well as in digital mechatronics and aviation.