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EXCITING: GATX cooperates with Trifleet for LNG transport solution

EXCITING: GATX cooperates with Trifleet for LNG transport solution
photo: GATX Rail Europe/EXCITING: GATX cooperates with Trifleet for LNG transport solution
10 / 10 / 2022

Recently, thanks to the cooperation with Trifleet, GATX Rail Europe has achieved the most sustainable, efficient, and, most importantly, the safest wagon leasing solution. The combined efforts of the companies, together with their assets (Trifleet containers and GATX wagons), provide customers with the opportunity to create sustainable supply chains. In total, the cooperation of the two companies will allow the transportation of up to 750 tons of liquefied natural gas (LNG).

The importance of "green" LNG transportation by rail, according to GATX Rail Europe, is primarily because liquefied natural gas is the energy source of the future, which can replace fossil fuels and mitigate Europe's dependence on gas, which, as we all know, is an extremely pressing issue today. GATX aims to offer a neutral option for the intermodal transportation of LNG cargoes to be on the same wavelength as the modernization of the transport industry.

Thus, the company's intermodal solution offers customers the possibility of placing up to 44 containers per 580-meter block train and 34 tons of LNG per wagon. In total, the train length can reach 815 meters, allowing 62 containers or 31 wagons. GATX wagons are designed for full intermodality, which in the future will provide the possibility of independent repair of the wagon or container without downtime.


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