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EXCITING: ESG rating shows improvements at all ÖBB companies

EXCITING: ESG rating shows improvements at all ÖBB companies
photo: Horak / ÖBB /EXCITING: ESG rating shows improvements at all ÖBB companies
17 / 08 / 2022

The fact that ÖBB is "very good" with its sustainability activities is once again confirmed by the current ESG sustainability rating. This rating assesses companies in the areas of environment, social affairs and governance. In the current evaluation by imug | rating, an independent rating agency for sustainability, the ÖBB sub-group companies, which finance themselves on the financial market, achieved "very good" five times and improved even further in all areas compared to the previous year.

All ÖBB sub-group companies have improved

The ÖBB sub-group companies Passenger Transport, Production, Postbus, Rail Cargo Group and Train Tech all scored "very good" in the first rating in 2021. In the current rating, the number of points was increased even further: Passenger Transport achieved 82 out of 100 possible points (previous year: 78), Production 83 points (previous year: 80), Postbus 81 points (previous year: 77), Rail Cargo Group 79 points (previous year: 77) and ÖBB Train Tech concludes the current rating with 85 points (previous year: 82).

The rating agency evaluates ÖBB's sustainability performance

In the comprehensive evaluation rounds, all internal measures at ÖBB were analysed: Among other things, the rating agency screened the environmental performance, such as the initiatives of the ÖBB companies for CO2 reduction or recycling activities. The supply chains and social aspects, such as working conditions, diversity activities, and products and services, were also scrutinised.

ÖBB CEO Andreas Matthä is pleased with the positive development: "ÖBB is Austria's largest climate protection company in mobility and logistics. The sustainability rating shows the financial world in black and white that sustainable management is a top priority at ÖBB. I am particularly pleased that we have improved even further this year. It shows that ÖBB is on a good path towards a sustainable future."

ÖBB CFO Arnold Schiefer emphasises: "Sustainable financing is an important building block in ÖBB's sustainability strategy. That is why the ESG rating is an essential basis for decision-making for our investors. After all, sustainability is increasingly becoming an economic success factor. It is positive that we, as ÖBB, with our very good rating, can contribute to making the financial market sustainable and thus more fit for the future."

Source: ÖBB