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EXCITING: EcoVadis Awards GATX Rail Europe Its Second Silver Medal

EXCITING: EcoVadis Awards GATX Rail Europe Its Second Silver Medal
photo: GATX Rail Europe/EcoVadis Awards GATX Rail Europe Its Second Silver Medal
23 / 12 / 2022

For the second year in a row, GATX Rail Europe achieved EcoVadis’ prestigious business sustainability silver rating. In 2021, the company set the bar high after being evaluated on various corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability areas. And this year GATX did even better.

To remain a top choice for our customers, GATX's latest successes and commitments were carefully assembled and examined by a team of experienced subject matter experts across the organization. EcoVadis benchmarked the results with widely recognized methodologies, all meticulously aligned with accepted international standards.

This year, GATX teams dug deeper into the organization to demonstrate that it has not only the necessary policies in place but has also taken the appropriate actions to enforce these programs and measure results with essential key performance indicators (KPIs).

The improved performance is proof that GATX Rail Europe is relentless in its sustainability journey. They stay solid in their commitment. That is why, besides introducing new policies, GATX is seeking to further integrate sustainability measures into key areas of the business while showcasing greater transparency and progress.

Exceeding past performance is a worthy challenge that GATX has proudly accepted and achieved this year. With a continuous improvement mindset, the organization is energized to continue pushing forward. GATX is already moving forward with a new set of goals for 2023. And as they raise the bar, so does EcoVadis.

Thoa Bùi, GATX Rail Europe, Business Process & Organizational Development Expert, confirmed their ambition. “We are excited to begin planning our next steps, as sustainability is a very important topic to us,” she said.

Source: GATX Rail Europe Press Releases