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EXCITING: Deutsche Bahn Sells Arriva Group to I Squared Capital

EXCITING: Deutsche Bahn Sells Arriva Group to I Squared Capital
photo: DB AG / Public domain/Deutsche Bahn in Berlin
04 / 06 / 2024

Deutsche Bahn AG (DB) has completed the sale of the Arriva Group to I Squared Capital, a leading independent global infrastructure investor.

The transaction, initiated with the signing of the purchase agreement in October 2023, has since met the usual closing conditions and received final approval from the relevant regulatory authorities.

Five years ago, Deutsche Bahn's Strong Rail strategy in Germany marked a focus on the core business in Germany. The goal is to create additional growth in climate-friendly rail transport in Germany and drive this forward with record investments in the core business.

Together with the federal government, DB is investing more than ever before in the fundamental renewal of the rail infrastructure in Germany. As the owner of DB, the federal government has significantly increased its budget compared to the previous year. With the Riedbahn between Frankfurt a.M. and Mannheim, DB will start the first general renovation of the heavily trafficked transport corridors in the summer. With the completed sale of the UK-based company, DB is further advancing its planned focus on its core business in Germany.

Dr. Levin Holle, CFO and Head of Logistics at Deutsche Bahn AG stated: "We measure DB Group's major international holdings by their contribution to the Strong Rail strategy. Where it makes sense, we adapt our business portfolio step by step. The completed sale of Arriva is strategically correct and strengthens the focus on rail transport in Germany."

In recent years, Deutsche Bahn, together with Arriva, successfully stabilized the business after the COVID-19 pandemic and created the conditions for a focused, sustainable growth strategy in relevant markets. I Squared Capital will support Arriva in its future growth trajectory.


Source: Deutsche Bahn Press Releases