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EXCITING: Alstom to establish a regional HQ in Saudi Arabia

EXCITING: Alstom to establish a regional HQ in Saudi Arabia
photo: 7eme bureau / Alstom/EXCITING: Alstom to establish a regional HQ in Saudi Arabia
27 / 10 / 2022

To reinforce its commitment to railway development in Saudi Arabia and the region, Alstom, a global leader in green and smart mobility, has announced the opening of a new regional headquarters office in Riyadh. The new office will serve as a hub for the development of Alstom’s operations across the Gulf and the wider region, providing marketing, tax, and finance services to the region, in addition to railway maintenance services, supplier quality development, and monitoring.

The new office will also serve to further leverage Saudi Vision 2030 to encourage regional talent development, and actively build localized capability in the Kingdom, in alignment with Alstom’s growth.

Within this new regional office, Alstom will bring its condition-based and predictive maintenance solution, HealthHub to Riyadh to support the railway infrastructure innovations in Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom’s HealthHub digital center will start monitoring a fleet of 748 cars in real-time for Riyadh Metro, Jeddah Airport People Mover, and Haramain High-Speed Train.

The center will be operated by a team of rail mobility engineers and data scientists with an opportunity to provide advanced expertise and digital services to both Alstom and non-Alstom rolling stock, infrastructure, and signaling in and outside of the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia has been a home for Alstom for over 70 years, and Alstom is proud to be fortifying its presence in the Kingdom. Establishing the HealthHub digital center and a new regional office in Riyadh will provide Alstom with the opportunity to access high-echelon talent and contribute to the next chapter of the Kingdom’s development.

Launched in 2014, HealthHub is Alstom’s proven solution for condition-based and predictive maintenance, continuously monitoring the health of railway assets, maximizing availability and reliability, while optimizing lifecycle costs. HealthHub anticipates faults before they occur, avoiding over-maintenance, reducing the need for physical inspection, and decreasing train downtime by up to 30%. Today, HealthHub technology monitors over 18,000 cars from 90 different fleets around the world including in the UAE, Morocco, and Algeria.

Alstom first arrived in Saudi Arabia in the 1950s. Since then, Alstom has become a key contributor to the advancement of the region's transport infrastructure. The most recent project in the Kingdom includes the supply of an integrated Metro System for Lines 4, 5, and 6 as part of the FAST Consortium and line 3 within the ArRiyadh New Mobility Consortium (ANM). As a Member of FLOW, Alstom provides Operation and Maintenance services for Lines 3, 4, 5, and 6 of the Riyadh Metro. For the Haramain high-speed rail line between Mecca and Medina, Alstom supplied Talgo with the Mitrac TC 3300 propulsion equipment and Flexifloat high-speed bogies for the powerheads of the 35 very high-speed trains as well as the VIP train for the 450km line and is contracted with the maintenance. Additionally, Alstom is responsible for the construction of King Abdullah Financial District's monorail transit system.  Finally, Alstom is the supplier and operation and maintenance provider of the turnkey Innovia APM 300 automated people mover system at the King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah.

Source: Alstom Press Releases