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GREAT DEAL: Alstom and NSRCEL partner to implement the Sustainability Incubation Programme

GREAT DEAL: Alstom and NSRCEL partner to implement the Sustainability Incubation Programme
photo: NSRCEL/Students taking part in the Sustainability Incubation Programme for startups
17 / 08 / 2022

Alstom, the global leader in smart and sustainable mobility, and NSRCEL, the startup hub at IIM Bangalore announced their partnership to implement the Sustainability Incubation Programme to support startups that demonstrate the potential to innovate and implement and create social, financial, and environmental impact, aligning with SDG goals. The programme will facilitate the development, scale-up, and market penetration of technology solutions that replace high-emitting, energy-hungry and non-recyclable incumbents.

The programme will foster startups in the early revenue stages. The programme will be selecting innovations in the areas of sustainable mobility, last-mile connectivity, sustainable logistics & supply chain, green buildings, consumption management, agriculture & farming equipment, upcycling & recycling, and waste management.

Olivier Loison, Managing Director at Alstom India said, “Alstom’s ambition is to accelerate innovation in sustainable mobility and move the world closer towards clean and green transport. This vision is driving some of our CSR investments in the country. Our partnership with NSRCEL-IIMB will help us identify and nurture virtuous partnerships, accelerate local development and support inspiring and transformative projects.”

“Entrepreneurs have become the driving force for innovation and adoption in the sustainability space. Through the programme, we ultimately look to equip entrepreneurs with the potential to catalyse the development of more sustainable and inclusive societies through their innovative solutions. With Alstom, we wish to nurture mobility solutions that provide the sustainable foundations for the future,” said Anand Sri Ganesh, COO at NSRCEL.

The applicants will be shortlisted based on their ideas’ viability and the suggested solution to the problem proposed. The shortlisted ventures will be selected for a pre-incubation programme, which will help the startups build a foundation through reinforcement of business fundamentals and need-based mentoring. In the next phase, the shortlisted ventures will enter a 6-month incubation programme based on their prototypes and their pitches presented to the screening committee.

The programme is specifically designed to facilitate knowledge and expertise among ventures in the sustainability space by equipping them with the capability to analyse their product market fit for multiple contexts. The programme will offer interactive capacity-building workshops, contextual mentorship and ecosystem networks to the startups.  

The programme’s content is tailored to meet the individual needs of each startup participating in the programme. During the programme, the startups will receive guidance on manoeuvring the ecosystem, policy, and regulations. A funding grant corpus of Rs. 1.5 crores has been earmarked to support startups with the highest potential to create impact.


Source: Alstom Press Releases