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EXCITING: Adif AV launches works to connect the high-speed network to Barajas airport, with an investment of EUR 26 million

EXCITING: Adif AV launches works to connect the high-speed network to Barajas airport, with an investment of EUR 26 million
photo: Adiv AV/Barajas Access - Connection scheme
27 / 08 / 2022

Adif AV promotes the new connection for high-speed traffic to Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport from Madrid-Chamartín-Clara Campoamor station, with the launch of the contracting process for the works with an initial budget of EUR 26 million backed by NextGenerationEU funds.

The project contemplates the high-speed network connection - in standard gauge, 1,435 mm - with Terminal 4 of Barajas, Spain's main international airport; an action that is fully compatible with the maintenance of the existing Cercanías services, which run in conventional gauge 1,668 mm. The high-speed trains will be able to cover the distance between Chamartín and the airport in just over 10 minutes, avoiding transfers.

This infrastructure will directly benefit all traffic on the north-northwest and Levante corridors, which have their terminus in Chamartín, and, owing to the high-speed train tunnel recently put into service between Chamartín and Puerta de Atocha, also traffic from the south and, in the future, through a link under construction, from the Barcelona corridor.

In this way, Adif AV promotes intermodality between rail and air transport in the capital and is committed to the creation of synergies between the two modes enabling further decarbonization of transport by encouraging the use of rail for short-haul journeys. It is possible thanks to a high-speed network that already covers almost 4,000 km, with high levels of reliability and in a context of liberalization that brings high-speed services closer to a greater number of people, in very competitive times and conditions.

Configuration of the new access between the Chamartín hub and T-4

The new connection to the airport will take advantage of part of the platform already executed in the construction of the Cercanías line between Chamartín and T-4, in service since 2011 with a length of 8.8 km. It should be remembered that at that time, some actions were planned to prepare the infrastructure for the future circulation of high-speed trains, which facilitate the development of the new project. From the northern head of Chamartín to the A1 tunnel, the new route will be a single standard gauge track, which will be a double track once the A-1 is passed (from Hortaleza) and up to the airport access tunnel, which already has a 3-wire mixed track -suitable for conventional and high-speed trains-. Likewise, the track inside the north tunnel of Barajas will be adapted, adopting in its entirety a triple-wire format -mixed width- that allows the circulation of both conventional and standard gauge trains. In total, work will be carried out on 3.5 km of the railway line, with an estimated duration of 17 months for the operations. In addition, work will be carried out on the safety and communications installations, using a project that has reached the final drafting stage. This action on tracks and facilities is the first phase of the definitive access. The Informative Study for the subsequent phase's development, through a specific connection for high-speed traffic, has been approved.

This action will help turn Chamartín station into a multimodal transport hub, fully integrated into the environment and an exponent of sustainable, intelligent and connected mobility. The terminal is currently undergoing a process of profound transformation. The remodelling of the station building, together with the extension being developed to expand its concourse and its number of tracks, prepare Chamartín to face the challenges of the new mobility: the increase in passenger rail traffic, associated with liberalization, multimodality, and the digital transformation and new traveller consumption habits, in a context of greater social awareness of sustainability. An international tender is also underway to draft the preliminary designs and projects to undertake a comprehensive transformation of the station building and burying of part of the tracks. The overall remodelling and expansion project in which the station is immersed represents an estimated global investment of 1,000 million euros.


Source: Adif AV Press Releases


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