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Europe's Rail Unveils EUR 21.2 Million Investment in Seven Cutting-Edge Rail Projects

Europe's Rail Unveils EUR 21.2 Million Investment in Seven Cutting-Edge Rail Projects
photo: UIRR / Public domain/Railway tracks
01 / 05 / 2024

Seven new projects worth EUR 21.2 million will be funded under Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking (EU-Rail) 2023 Call for Proposals for Rail Research and Innovation (R&I) activities.

Europe’s Rail co-funding will amount to up to EUR 11.7 million. The new projects will support the work done in Flagship Area 1 dedicated to rail mobility management in a multimodal environment, and further strengthen exploratory research activities.

Giorgio Travaini, Acting Executive Director at EU-Rail, said: “In order to satisfy the needs of European citizens and businesses, we must move away from modernizing transport modes in isolation of one another, providing optimized, efficient, affordable, and comfortable solutions for our customers. For the first time, two JUs have worked together and issued a synergy topic call that resulted in a proposal selected for predictability. Better integration of air and railway modes of transport is expected to improve the predictability and punctuality of journey, increase resilience to disruption, ultimately enhance passenger experience and support sustainability targets with increased and optimized use of rail from and to airports.”

In addition, six new projects will further strengthen EU-Rail exploratory research activities, essential pathfinders for future R&I, covering topics such as noise and vibration, future metro systems, biodiversity, disruptive assets management solutions, extending the network of PhDs, and DAC fleet retrofitting and capacity plan.

In total 114 entities from 22 countries will develop new solutions under the 2023 Call for Proposals and support the work done in the already running Flagship and exploratory research and other activities projects.


Source: Europe's Rail Press Releases