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EU Focuses on Emission Limits, Rail Transport, and Road Safety in 2024

EU Focuses on Emission Limits, Rail Transport, and Road Safety in 2024
photo: Czech Ministry of Transport / Public domain/European Union
17 / 01 / 2024

Emission limits for trucks, rail transport, and road safety are the main topics for the EU this year.

For legislative proposals on which the EU Council and the European Parliament have already adopted positions, intensive negotiations between these institutions will take place with a view to reaching an agreement in the current term of office, in the first months of the Belgian Presidency. Given the aforementioned change in the composition of the key European institutions, a large number of new proposals cannot be expected either, and those that the Commission will issue will come in the first half of the year - for example, a proposal for a package to revise the rules on the roadworthiness of motor vehicles, the revision of the drivers' directive, and the rules on river information services. The publication of the Space Law initiative is also expected.

In the first half of 2024, the Belgian Presidency will thus focus on negotiating proposals for a regulation on CO2 limits for heavy goods vehicles, as well as a directive on cross-border enforcement of road traffic offenses as part of the road safety and maritime packages. Efforts will also continue to reach an agreement with the European Parliament on the SES2+ European Sky Regulation, but finding a compromise here will be difficult given the very different positions of the Member States and the European Parliament.

Belgium will also lead the EU Council in seeking consensus among Member States, i.e., a common approach, on the proposals already tabled. These concern, for example, the allocation of rail capacity, combined transport, or passenger rights. On the other hand, what will not be discussed in time is, for example, the directive on driving licenses, for which the European Parliament's negotiating position is not yet ready, so the first trialogues will start later in 2024. For those proposals where the Council will not adopt a general approach, the negotiations will continue under the incoming Hungarian Presidency.

Last year, the European institutions discussed over 20 proposals on European transport policy. In addition, at the end of the year, agreement was reached on two proposals that were priorities for the Czech Republic. The EURO 7 regulation was negotiated in a more moderate and realistic form, while the adoption of the TEN-T revision is a crucial and necessary step for the further development of transport infrastructure and its financing.


Source: Czech Ministry of Transport