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EP Logistics International works towards their ESG goals and publishes 2022 Sustainability Report

EP Logistics International works towards their ESG goals and publishes 2022 Sustainability Report
photo: EP CARGO/EP Logistics International works towards their ESG goals and publishes 2022 Sustainability Report
27 / 07 / 2023

Despite the challenging conditions of 2022 including global trade disruptions and significant energy price increases, we were able to adapt and expand while keeping our environmental promises. To showcase the key achievements of our environmental, social, and governance goals, we introduce to the public the 2022 Sustainability Report of EP Logistics International (EPLI).

One of the main EPLI commitments is to significantly reduce total CO2 emissions. In 2022 we succeeded in this by an entire 11%, compared to 7% reduction in 2021. Such a great outcome was possible due to countless adjustments such as increasing the number of our electric locomotives in fleet by 29%, modernization of 12 diesel locomotives, which led to an annual CO2 savings of 486 tonnes, and moving several routes from road to rail. 

The importance of staying true to our commitments even in times of crisis was also stressed by Zbigniew Klepacki, CEO of EPLI: “The events of 2022 have further emphasized the profound impact that social and environmental crises can have on the global economy and our operations. We remain steadfast in our commitment to the ambitious climate objectives and ethical standards, and support global efforts towards a more sustainable economy.”

By helping clients switch from truck to rail transport we helped to take 58 thousand trucks off Slovenian roads, saving CO2 emissions of 27,600 tonnes.  Our company also implemented a new dispatching system for a certain fleet which resulted in yearly savings of 129,000 empty kilometers. Furthermore, our diesel locomotive modernization led not only to improved reliability and safety but also to reduced fuel consumption by 30%. More of EPLIs environmental actions are covered in our Sustainability Report. “Building on our 2021 ESG achievements, we have further enhanced our operational efficiency, transitioned transport from road to rail where feasible, and cut our emissions of CO2.” adds Zbigniew Klepacki.

EPLI's achievements are not just in the environment sector. The company also focused on reaching its social, and governance goals, as workforce is the most important asset. We aim to offer a high-quality service while prioritising health, safety, fairness and inclusion. Thanks to the efforts, in 2022 we increased total training hours by 37%, had 151 new hires, zero fatalities, and zero fines or sanctions.

Although we have made significant strides, we recognize that our sustainability journey has just begun. We are aware of the impacts of our industry on the environment and therefore set our bars high and continue with our goal of achieving zero emissions by 2050, guided by both the SDGs and EU legislation.

Source: EP CARGO