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Eco-Power Push: GATX Ostróda Workshop’s Leap into Solar Sustainability

Eco-Power Push: GATX Ostróda Workshop’s Leap into Solar Sustainability
photo: Britannica / Public domain/Solar panel
28 / 11 / 2023

GATX has launched a comprehensive sustainability program, led by the Ostróda Workshop (WSO – Wagon Service Ostróda), focusing on reducing the environmental impact of its operations.

This initiative, which started with an energy audit three years ago, aims to transform energy consumption patterns at the workshop. Sławomir Garwacki, the Managing Director of the Ostróda Workshop, shared, “We started with an energy audit three years ago that revealed opportunities that could reduce the amount of energy used for heating and electricity in our operations, and so we launched a program to seek to reduce our carbon footprint and optimize energy costs.”

A significant step in this green transformation is the installation of solar panels on the workshop’s roof. The project, begun in March and slated for completion by the end of November, is set to supply a major portion of the workshop’s electricity needs. Garwacki highlighted the initiative's dual benefits, noting, “This is both an economic and environmental decision, as we expect it to reduce our CO2 footprint in addition to cutting our costs. Our solar panels are also expected to be connected to the Polish electricity network, enabling our community to benefit from our solar panels when we don’t need the excess electricity.”

Garwacki outlined additional measures, including replacing heating boilers with more efficient solutions, switching to LED lighting in the workshop and office, and repurposing heat from the compressor in the wheelset refurbishment process for heating purposes. These initiatives collectively contribute to significant electricity and energy savings. The next steps involve addressing water consumption and waste generation, with a particular focus on reducing plastic use.