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Dutch Rail Freight Platform Presents Wishlist to New Government

Dutch Rail Freight Platform Presents Wishlist to New Government
photo: Happyrail / Public domain/Dutch Raiways
10 / 07 / 2024

At the beginning of the month, the Netherlands welcomed its new government, prompting quick action from the rail freight sector. The Rail Freight Platform (Platform Spoorgoederenvervoer) presented a detailed wishlist to the newly appointed infrastructure ministry officials, addressing pressing industry issues.

The Rail Freight Platform emphasized the need for a clear future perspective to offer predictability for rail freight operations. The previous government's lack of a coherent strategy had been a source of frustration, with branch organization RailGood expressing relief when the coalition fell apart. Among the platform’s primary concerns is the implementation of TEN-T agreements and a focus on interoperability. The high costs associated with retrofitting locomotives for the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS) are a significant issue, with the platform urging for affordable solutions and the facilitation of 740-meter trains on crucial routes.

The platform also called for enhanced cooperation with Belgium and Germany to develop an interoperable rail freight network, essential for the majority of Dutch rail freight that transits deeper into Europe. Simplifying national rules to better align with European legislation is another critical point. The platform highlighted the need for unified legislation on railway yards, as the current system allows each of the 342 municipalities to set their own rules. Additionally, addressing negative externalities such as noise and vibrations from passing trains, and ensuring the suitability of tracks for military transport, are key priorities.

Source: Platform Spoorgoederenvervoer