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Dr. Jan Brockhaus to Bolster Helrom's Growth as Director of Business Development

Dr. Jan Brockhaus to Bolster Helrom's Growth as Director of Business Development
photo: Astrid Piethan/Helrom/Dr. Jan Brockhaus to Bolster Helrom's Growth as Director of Business Development
18 / 07 / 2023

Jan Brockhaus, a proven expert in strategic corporate planning, data analysis, and organizational development, is taking over the position of Director of Business Development at Helrom GmbH. The graduate physicist and doctor of economics has worked as a management consultant at McKinsey for the last six years, most recently as an associate partner with extensive project responsibility. With the high level of expertise and experience of Jan Brockhaus, Helrom GmbH is expanding its management even further and strengthening the growth and expansion course it has embarked upon.

Dr. Jan Brockhaus has a strong academic and management consulting background and outstanding analytical knowledge in various areas. After studying physics in Münster and Paris, Jan Brockhaus completed his doctorate in economics at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität in Bonn with research stays in Beijing, Washington, and Delhi. He conducted research in the field of development economics on minimizing risks in global agricultural markets and presented his results, among other things, at the invitation of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations at the Expo in Milan.

After joining McKinsey & Partner, Jan Brockhaus worked for a total of six and a half years, initially as (Senior) Associate, Engagement Manager, and ultimately as Associate Partner with responsibility for several teams. The focus of his intensive consulting activities, especially in the automotive and supplier industry, was on market launch topics, digital business fields, and software development, as well as questions of strategic organizational development.

Roman Noack, CEO at Helrom, emphasizes the strategic and analytical expertise of the new Director of Business Development: “His many years of experience and success in creating and evaluating big data-driven analytics for the development and implementation of business strategies will drive forward our business expansion even further. Jan Brockhaus is a real asset for us.” As Director of Business Development, Jan Brockhaus will be responsible at Helrom for the areas of strategy and business planning, as well as the ongoing development of the Helrom technology roadmap. He will also support our customers in planning an optimized transport network that maximizes rail kilometers and minimizes road kilometers.

In close cooperation with the existing management team, Dr. Jan Brockhaus will work on the direction and realization of Helrom’s ongoing market development, plan focal points for future R&D investments, and expand the internal steering model. It was not only his technical skills and process know-how that were decisive aspects for his move to Helrom, but also – and above all – his enthusiasm for the company’s technology and product. “What attracted me most to Helrom was the exciting product and the exciting technology,” says Jan Brockhaus. “To conquer a huge market with such a unique technology is a really thrilling task.”

In this regard, his career path from science to consulting and finally the corporate side also follows conscious motivation: “There is one thing that has always been really important to me: in my work, I want to design things that are really used and that have a direct positive impact on our future and our society.” As Director of Business Development at Helrom, he now wants to help make the company’s technology and transport services a supporting pillar of net zero transport in the future: “Helrom has a great, enthusiastic team where everyone believes in this goal.” And this team spirit is a key issue of the daily work for Jan Brockhaus: “The high degree of creative freedom that all of the employees enjoy is a great sign of confidence, as well as a strong driver. I am looking forward to creating something great together with all the people at Helrom.”

Source: Helrom