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DFDS has partnered with PrimeRail to increase efficiency and offer sustainable customer solutions.

DFDS has partnered with PrimeRail to increase efficiency and offer sustainable customer solutions.
photo: PrimeRail/PrimeRail
09 / 07 / 2021

The DFDSS Mediterranean business unit invests further in intermodal transport solutions combining ferry and rail transport. Today, about 50% of all cargo volumes passing through the DFDS port terminal in Trieste are transported by rail to destinations in Europe.

Lars Hoffman, Vice President and Head of Business Unit Mediteranian DFDS Istanbul, said: “We are investing heavily in intermodal customer solutions to ensure a reliable, high-quality, and uninterrupted transport network. We are seeing a growing demand for rail transport, along with our ferry routes and logistics services. Our partnership with primeRail allows us to offer additional intermodal solutions. Customers can leave their units at our terminals in Turkey and pick them up very close to their final destination in Europe. "

As part of its long-term cooperation with primeRail, DFDS will set up an "Operational Competence Center" in Troasdorf / Cologne, in addition to the already established "Commercial Competence Center". The focus on railway services will provide opportunities for further expansion and optimization of operations.

The operations will continue until 2022

 A strategic priority for DFDS's Mediterranean business unit is to further develop rail and thus intermodal transport solutions in support of efficiency and more climate-friendly modes of transport. As part of the agreement, primeRail becomes a DFDS contractual partner for railway suppliers such as railway operators, railway terminals, and railway operators.

 Today, rail transport is one of the most environmentally friendly modes of transport, with an average of 15.6 g / tkm of CO2 emissions per tonne-kilometer (tkm), compared to 139.8 g / tkm of CO2 emissions from road transport. (Source: European Environment Agency)

In addition, primeRail and DFDS share the same customer focus values ​​and timely reliable solutions originally centered in Central Europe. Founded in Cologne, PrimeRail continues to grow to become a hub for office solutions, rail, and intermodal services. Activities for the rest of Europe will be expanded later.

 More than 80 train services per week

 DFDS Business Unit Mediterranean, from Trieste to Cologne (12 x weekly round trip), Bettembourg (7 x weekly round trip), Wels / Lambach (8 x weekly round trip), Ostrava (3 x weekly round trip) and Nuremberg (2 times) operates mainly the company's 5 train lines, including a weekly round trip.DFDS Mediterranean Business Unit offers over 80 train services per week to and from Trieste on a regular schedule.

Specific CO2 emissions per tons-km and type of transport in Europe - European Environment Agency (

About DFDS:

DFDS provides transport and forwarding services in Europe. More than 8,000 freight forwarders rely on DFDS's flexible transportation and logistics solutions in addition to ship and port terminal services. More than 8,000 DFDS employees work on ships and offices in its network of more than 20 countries. Founded in 1866 and headquartered in Copenhagen, DFDS is traded in the Nasdaq Copenhagen.

 About primeRail:

 primeRail is a logistics company focused on intermodal transport, whose main competencies are transport and management, free, impartial advice for professional transport services. As a company, it plans, organizes, and implements European transport in both continental and maritime transport. The development, marketing, and provision of logistics services for the transport of trailers, replacement bodies, and containers in multimodal traffic is performed by primeRail. primeRail was founded in 2019 by Patrick Ziles and is based in Troasdorf / Cologne.