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Deutsche Bahn's DB Schenker Attracts High Bids in Ongoing Sale

Deutsche Bahn's DB Schenker Attracts High Bids in Ongoing Sale
photo: DB AG / Public domain/DB Schenker
03 / 06 / 2024

Deutsche Bahn is making significant progress in the sale of its logistics subsidiary, DB Schenker, a process that was first discussed with its Supervisory Board late last year.

The decision to sell DB Schenker came after extensive evaluations, to streamline Deutsche Bahn's focus on its core rail services and reduce its considerable debt burden, which recently topped EUR 34 billion.

Interest in the sale has been strong from the start, with several bids exceeding the expected EUR 15 billion. According to reports from Handelsblatt, the initial round of bidding attracted a wide range of bidders, including major financial investors and strategic buyers from Europe and the Arab world. The field has since been narrowed down from over 20 potential buyers to just four, entering a critical phase where these contenders will examine Schenker's detailed financials before making their binding offers. 

These include Danish shipping giants Maersk and DSV, the Saudi national shipping carrier Bahri, and a robust partnership between investment funds CVC Capital Partners, Carlyle Group, and the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority. Notably, MSC, previously considered a key player in the bidding, is no longer in the race.

These final contenders are now moving into a critical phase of due diligence, where they will closely examine DB Schenker’s financial details and o

As the sale process intensifies, Deutsche Bahn is navigating complex geopolitical and economic discussions. Some critics in Germany are concerned about the potential sale of a key logistics player to foreign interests, especially given DB Schenker’s crucial role in global supply chains, reflecting broader anxieties about maintaining control over crucial economic assets amidst uncertain global trade dynamics.

As stakeholders watch closely, the outcome of this sale could reshape the logistics landscape in Europe and beyond.


Source: RAILTARGET, Handelsblatt