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Deutsche Bahn Plans to Hire More than 25,000 New Employees This Year

Deutsche Bahn Plans to Hire More than 25,000 New Employees This Year
photo: Železničář - České dráhy/Deutsche Bahn Plans to Hire More than 25,000 New Employees This Year
27 / 02 / 2023

Deutsche Bahn has decided to expand its staff ranks. The company intends to recruit more than 25,000 new staff this year despite the perilously close economic crisis. Ultimately, the company expects to create around 9,000 additional jobs.

The German carrier has decided to make record investments in staff this year, particularly in the operating professions. "We need to recruit tens of thousands of new colleagues to meet the new challenges at Deutsche Bahn," said DB's personnel director Martin Seiler.

The challenges, according to Seiler, are, in particular, the quality of operations, the renewal of infrastructure and the doubling of passenger numbers. Seiler pointed out that the target is very challenging given the shortage of qualified staff and the tight labour market.

Last year, DB managed to create around five thousand jobs and intends to continue this year by introducing a recruitment campaign.

Start of the recruitment campaign

Deutsche Bahn launched a recruitment campaign in January, which can also be seen on national television, billboards and online.

The carrier will address potential job applicants with the slogan "What's important to you?" "The question is always the start of a dialogue, and that's exactly what we want, which is to listen and exchange ideas," said DB Personnel Recruitment Manager Kerstin Wagner. "As DB, it's about answering the basic questions of the vast majority of job seekers: what do I want from a job, and where can I get it? In the campaign, DB employees show what their job role is and how they can fit it in with their personal life. Deutsche Bahn differentiates itself from the competition with this approach," she added.

It is undoubtedly essential to retain existing employees alongside new ones. Seiler said: "We are doing everything we can to have happy employees and a low turnover rate. Where possible, we allow up to thirty working days a year to work remotely in other European countries. We also plan to improve shift systems. Travel concessions, one of DB's most popular benefits, will also apply to employees' unmarried partners from the spring. In addition, the recruitment process will be shortened and we are ready to invest more in training and further education."

DB will have its overseas recruitment unit in 2019 to tap the full potential of the labour market. Seiler says that in the long term, the need for staff must be reduced, which is why they are already working to increase flexibility and productivity and to promote standardisation and digitalisation. In fact, due to demographic changes, almost twice as many people are leaving the labour market than entering it.

Source: Železničář - České dráhy