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DB initiative to save energy: Employees get an energy bonus of up to EUR 150

DB initiative to save energy: Employees get an energy bonus of up to EUR 150
photo: Deutsche Bahn/DB initiative to save energy: Employees get an energy bonus of up to EUR 150
04 / 08 / 2022

Given the global energy crisis, Deutsche Bahn, as an environmental pioneer, wants to save more energy at the workplace. As a first step, the Berlin rail tower will no longer be illuminated with immediate effect. At the same time, the company is launching an energy-saving bonus program. All tariff and AT employees will receive an energy bonus of 100 euros with their December pay. If the idea is well received and employees take a significant number of measures, the Group's Executive Board will increase the energy bonus to a one-off total of up to 150 euros. The energy bonus is linked to a call to continue saving energy with creative ideas at the workplace.

DB Chief Human Resources Officer Martin Seiler: "Rail is already the most energy-efficient mode of transport today. With the program, we are saving energy together at the workplace. With the energy bonus, we are rewarding activities and want to offer compensation for rising energy prices." 200,000 rail workers in Germany are 200,000 creative minds whose joint efforts will make a big difference here, he said.

At the Berlin Bahntower, home to the Group's headquarters, horizontal light tubes previously shone outward until midnight, giving the building its characteristic appearance. These LED lights are now no longer switched on. Only the DB logo and the position lights for air traffic control remain lit.

There are no limits to the imagination of the employees: Whether lighting, heating, refuelling or sometimes stairs instead of elevators - even small savings add up to a significant amount and are a vital lever to cushion the rapidly rising energy prices.

In many areas of train stations, trains and workplaces, a minimum brightness level is prescribed for safety and occupational health reasons. It will not change.

Rail is already the most climate-friendly and energy-efficient mode of transport. Every kilometre travelled by rail - instead of by road or air - is a gain for the climate. In addition, DB has been pushing ahead with energy-saving measures for years, whether in energy-saving driving, where locomotive drivers make a contribution to resource conservation with the help of driver assistance systems, simple tricks, or in the implementation of energy-saving measures in plants, stations, and office buildings, or with the replacement of fossil heating systems with alternative heating systems.


 Source: Deutsche Bahn Press Releases