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DB Employees Receive EUR 150 Energy-Saving Bonus in December

DB Employees Receive EUR 150 Energy-Saving Bonus in December
photo: Deutsche Bahn/DB Employees Receive EUR 150 Energy-Saving Bonus in December
16 / 12 / 2022

Deutsche Bahn employees will receive an energy-saving bonus of EUR 150 from the company in December. The payment is tax and duty-free as part of the inflation compensation bonus.

"Just in time for Christmas, we are rewarding the many suggestions and effective measures taken by our employees to save energy in these challenging times," said Martin Seiler, Chief Human Resources Officer. The DB initiative launched in the summer was "a complete success". That is why the bonus, which goes to all employees covered by collective agreements and those not covered by collective agreements, has been increased from EUR 100 to 150.

Employees were asked to come up with creative ideas to save energy in the workplace. Around 1,500 suggestions have been received from the workforce so far. They cover all areas, whether it is in the workshop, construction container or office. Some reduce the number of active screens and video calls and share printers and scanners across departments. Others switch off unnecessary lighting, for example, when trains are running empty and in areas of factory halls where no work is currently being done, or install lights with motion detectors in changing rooms and corridors. Optimising heating and ventilation also play a major role.

Martin Seiler: "All the measures together not only make the railway, the greenest of all means of transport, a little greener, but they also relieve the company in the face of exploding energy prices." Not every single measure is measurable, but, on balance, the successes in saving energy are visible. For example, many of the top ideas submitted have a high to very high savings potential. In the selected reference properties, energy savings of over 10 per cent have been achieved in recent months.

DB has also temporarily closed the first office spaces that are hardly or little used, and heating is reduced to a minimum. An additional savings lever is lowering the room temperature to 19 degrees Celsius as part of a federal government regulation for public buildings.

The big energy-saving join-in campaign, which was also intended to raise employees' awareness of the issue of environmental protection and resource conservation in general, spread via DB's internal social intranet. It brought together the creativity and commitment of colleagues at hundreds of locations in Germany.

Source: Deutsche Bahn Press Releases