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DAKO-CZ celebrates 205 years and has undergone great changes in the last five years

DAKO-CZ celebrates 205 years and has undergone great changes in the last five years
photo: DAKO-CZ press materials/DAKO-CZ celebrates 205 years and has undergone great changes in the last five years
31 / 01 / 2022

Today, DAKO-CZ is one of the most successful industrial-technological holding CZECHOSLOVAK GROUP. When DAKO-CZ celebrated its bicentenary in 2016, it was hardly possible to imagine the journey this traditional three-month-old company would take in the next five years. The braking systems and components manufacturer for the rolling stock had undergone a significant transformation, breaking through the magical billion-dollar sales threshold and getting poised for further growth.

They established the DAKO- CZ development office in Prague following the strategic plan last year. The team intends to develop further, both in numbers and expertise, and to tackle new development projects for their customers with their help. They have two Embedded Software developers, a FEM computational engineer, and a mechanical brake designer. They are using the experience of their new colleagues for partial development activities. However, their ambition here is to gain the competence to lead an independent development task.
They started supplying brake equipment for 760 LHB vehicles to India from June this year. The order builds on projects already completed since 2015. For the Indian company Escorts Limited Faridabad, DAKO-CZ supplied 1,630 sets of brake equipment worth several hundred million crowns. The Indian market has accounted for more than a fifth of the company's total turnover in recent years.

DAKO-CZ has received an order from Siemens Mobility's rail division to supply braking components for 94 new 9-part trainsets for the London Piccadilly line. It is the most significant order received from Siemens to date. It will be delivered between 2022 and 2025, with further options until 2070. The total value of the primary supply of brake components for 846 metro cars for the Piccadilly line is around £100 million.
Years of prosperity and meteoric growth have brought recognition and success to DAKO-CZ. Last year the company won the title of the Company of the Year of the Pardubice Region and did not lose in the national competition. In the competition of the best rem from all 14 regions of the Czech Republic, DAKO-CZ was among the top five most successful rem in the super competition.