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Czech Company Správa železnic: 40 million euro for Transition of Part of ČD Telematika

Czech Company Správa železnic: 40 million euro for Transition of Part of ČD Telematika
photo: ČD Telematika/ČD Telematika
26 / 04 / 2021

Czech company Správa železnic wants to buy part of another Czech company ČD Telematika. It will pay almost 1 billion CZK for nearly half of all the employees of the ČD Telematika. The employees in question govern the service over the intelligent transport systems (ITS) on Czech railways.

Správa železnic represents the owner and the operator of Czech railways. Though they reported negative earnings for the last three years, they wish to pay almost 40 million euro (1 billion CZK) for the transaction. ČD Telematika leads the implementation of ITS on the railways. It also governs the service over those systems. The second part of the company is the part Správa železnic wants to buy.

In response to the considerations from previous years, negotiations between ČD – Telematika and state organization Správa železnic were held last year. Správa železnic wants to perform part of the activities ČD Telematika employees do for them now. In relation with this, the negotiations about the transition of part of the ČD Telematika into Správa železnic began,” wrote ČD Telematika on their websites.

Správa železnic endeavoured this step for a long time. Now, they sent an announcement of the joining to the Czech Office for the protection of competition. Správa železnic agreed on buying the service management from the ČD Telematika instead of building their own. This way, Správa železnic will convert 250 employees. ČD Telematika reported that they had 570 employees in 2019. By the expert opinion, the transition should cost 38.4 million euro (991 million CZK).

“This is state property, which is part of the railway and is necessary to ensure the fluidity and safety of rail transport. At the same time, it is part of the state's critical infrastructure. Historically, these were activities that were always part of the track, and the gradual transformation of ČSD allocated to ČD - Telematics” said Radka Pistoriusová, spokesman of Správa železnic for media.

ČD Telematike will still exist and continue to work. Though they will lose some obligations, they will continue with other tasks. “ČD – Telematika will still be working as a single company even after the transition. This transaction has no effect on our services for other customers of ČD – Telematika,” published ČD Telematika on their websites.

ČD Telematika built and continually improves the optical backbone network. They also do other strategic projects for traffic and telecommunication subjects, build data centres, and other projects not only in IT. Company belong from 71% to České dráhy and from 29% to PPF. The transition might make more money to the investors.