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CTL Logistics is the winner of a huge tender in Germany

CTL Logistics is the winner of a huge tender in Germany
photo: CTL Logistics/CTL Logistics is the winner of a huge tender in Germany
27 / 09 / 2021

The CTL Logistics Group wins a prestigious tender and has a leading position in transport services in Poland for one of the largest fuel producers in Germany. The total weight of fuel and chemicals transported under the tender is 3 million tonnes over 3 years. The victory of the CTL Logistics Group confirms the quality of the current operating activities and the success of consistently implemented cost optimization of one of the largest private freight carriers in Europe. Quality plus price has given the Company a positive result and allowed for an increase in the share of chemicals and fuels in cross-border shipments.

Cooperation with such a large, international concern is for us a confirmation of the transport quality we provide, a vote of confidence for which we have been working for years. This is not our first joint project, but the first one that is exclusive to the Polish market. If we add the handling of several contracts important for the company in Germany, we have a solid foundation for further development of the company. We are not going to give up the field to competitors. After a pandemic, difficult year, it is a very important decision for us, guaranteeing real business benefits and an improvement in the result. Huge thanks and congratulations to the entire team who proved our competencies to such a demanding client through hard daily operational work. It is also a thank you to Krzysztof Pietrzyk, who, as part of the personnel union carried out a few months ago, manages not only our German company but also serves as a member of the Management Board for Trade and Development at CTL Logistics - his complete overview of both markets and the potential of both companies allowed him to achieve this million tons per year ”- adds Grzegorz Bogacki, President of the Management Board of CTL Logistics.

‘‘The fuel and chemical tender won by the CTL Logistics Group is not the first such a prestigious project for this segment that we are implementing. We have undeniable, many years of experience in the transport of chemicals and fuels both in Poland and Germany. Customers appreciate our high level of professionalism, flexibility, and the aforementioned experience, which is why we currently cooperate with several entities in this segment. However, with the positive result of the tender for us, we proved that we are able to create a very competitive logistics offer for a very demanding customer in just a few months. The performance of transport per million tons per year for the next 3 years places us at the forefront of European logistics service providers for the fuel and chemical industry ”- sums up Krzysztof Pietrzyk Member of the Management Board of CTL Logistics, President of CTL Logistics Gmbh.