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CargoBeamer Secures EUR 140 Million to Boost European Freight Transport

CargoBeamer Secures EUR 140 Million to Boost European Freight Transport
photo: CargoBeamer / Public domain/CargoBeamer trucks
18 / 06 / 2024

CargoBeamer has secured EUR 140 million from public and private investors in its latest Series B financing round. This funding will be used to expand its innovative terminals in Kaldenkirchen, Germany, and Domodossola, Italy, near Milan.

Key public sector contributors include the German Federal Railway Authority and the Swiss Federal Office of Transport, which have committed around EUR 90 million. These terminals are designed to handle all types of semi-trailers, facilitating the shift of up to 185,000 truck consignments annually from road to rail, promoting greener logistics across Europe.

The financing round also attracted EUR 50 million from private investors, led by Nordwind Ventures, the family office of the Albrecht family. CargoBeamer's CFO, Dr. Markus Fischer, praised the crucial role of private investments, stating, “With exceptional vision and great confidence, our lead investors have not only supported us financially, but also laid the foundation for our success. Their commitment is the key to our future, and we are deeply grateful for their support.” CEO Nicolas Albrecht pointed out the strategic importance of public funding, noting, “The fact that public funds are now flowing into CargoBeamer on a large scale is ample proof of the importance of our technology – and yet another strong argument in the ongoing fundraising process.”

With this new capital, CargoBeamer plans to drastically scale its operations, targeting the construction of 18 terminals and establishing up to 50 routes across Europe over the next decade. These expansions aim to significantly reduce CO2 emissions in freight transport, aligning with European climate goals. Dr. Hans Albrecht highlighted the economic potential of CargoBeamer’s scalable solutions, stating, “The transition in freight transport from road to rail is dependent on innovative solutions that save significant costs and energy, such as CargoBeamer. The move towards significant CO2 reduction in the transport sector initiated by numerous European countries offers CargoBeamer enormous economic potential.”


Source: RAILTARGET, CargoBeamer