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CargoBeamer has three new faces in their management: Who are they?

CargoBeamer has three new faces in their management: Who are they?
photo: CargoBeamer press materials/CargoBeamer has three new faces in their management: Who are they?
04 / 03 / 2022

Boris Timm, Tim Krasowka, and Mario Glöckner are the new additions to CargoBeamer’s executive and management positions.

Boris Timm has held various leading positions at Maersk, where he later led the business in Sudan as the Managing Director and the Member of the Board. After that, he joined Seago Line in Denmark and wein & co Ltd in Taiwan and then returned to Maersk in 2017 as the Head of Landside Transportation to be responsible for the company’s European intermodal business. The next stop was the Head of Intermodal Europe position at Amazon, where he led the development of the logistics company’s pan-European intermodal operations. Now he has come to CargoBeamer as a COO to be the head of terminal and rail operations, dispatching, sales, and logistics management.

Boris Timm explains: "With CargoBeamer's mission to shift road transports to rail on a large scale and thus make the train accessible for all types of semi-trailers, we have the opportunity to change the European transport sector significantly in favor of a greatly improved environmental balance in the coming years. As a person who cares about rail, I fully share this vision. In addition, the exciting challenge of building up CargoBeamer to one of the leading players in the European intermodal business ultimately convinced me to become part of CargoBeamer's journey."

Tim Krasowka has more than 15 years of experience in European rail freight transportation. He has held various management positions within the DB in Germany, France, and Switzerland. He led the strategic realignment of the transport plan in Western and Southern Europe at Euro Cargo Rail in Paris, which recently became DB Cargo France. Now he arrives at CargoBeamer where he takes over the Operations department in intermodal operations GmbH, while his colleague Matthias Schadler, who he is joining, will head Sales and Customer Management. Krasowka also serves as the managing director of CargoBeamer’s French business.

Lastly, we have Mario Glöckner. He was the leader of the pan-European corporate real estate expansion at the e-commerce start-up Zalando. He and his team led the identification, acquisition, and settlement for new logistics, office, and retail locations. Later he was part of the foundation of a digital platform for leasing commercial space and served as the Head of Asset Management at Coros. His role in CargoBeamer is the Managing Director of CargoBeamer Terminal GmbH. He will work together with Thomas Rietz. While Rietz is dealing with the planning, construction, and maintenance of terminals, Glöckner is there to use his knowledge for strategic identification, acquisition, and development of sites for new terminals of the company.