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Bulmarket has ordered two modern Transmontana locomotives.

Bulmarket has ordered two modern Transmontana locomotives.
photo: Transmontana press materials/Bulmarket has ordered two modern Transmontana locomotives.
23 / 11 / 2021

Bulgarian carrier Bulmarket has signed a contract with Softronic Craiova last week to supply two new "Transmontana" locomotives. They are the first of their kind for the Bulgarian market, meant for the Romanian Bulmarket. Also known as The United Railways division.

The new Transmontana locomotives have an output of 6,000 kW and a maximum speed of 200 km/h. These machines are among the most modern electronic locomotives manufactured in Eastern Europe. The locomotives got equipped with a new metallic structure, asynchronous traction engines, regenerative braking, IGBT electric converters, LED lights, and electronic control and controller equipment.

Bulmarket consistently continues to expand its fleet and follows a policy of switching to environmentally cautious vehicles that do not cause a carbon footprint. After purchasing two Smartron Siemens locomotives and 4 Danish EA 3000s, this is the third order in recent days. The total number of locomotives in the company exceeded 30, with almost 700 their own and leased wagons.

 The locomotives are to get delivered in 2022.

The two locomotives were named Ruse and Giurgiu to enhance the growing beneficial partnership between these two coastal cities.