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Budimex Showcases Innovative Railway Modernization Vehicles at TRAKO Fair

Budimex Showcases Innovative Railway Modernization Vehicles at TRAKO Fair
photo: Budimex/Budimex Group Showcases Innovative Railway Modernization Vehicles at TRAKO Fair
14 / 09 / 2023

Budimex is set to display its newest vehicles for swift railway line modernization at the international TRAKO railway fair in Gdańsk. Additionally, a guest area will be featured on the show tracks. As a primary general contractor in Poland, Budimex will also partner for the grand TRAKO exhibition. This represents Budimex's most extensive participation at Central Europe's premier railway fair.

Unimat 09-4×8/4s Dynamic

This latest universal compactor was officially introduced to Budimex at the TRAKO 2021 international trade fair in Gdańsk. It's a two-tier, ten-axle machine boasting significantly better efficiency than its predecessors – approximately 1.2 km of track coverage per hour, smoothly transitioning from track to switch. Its ability to simultaneously stabilize the track (through the DGS function) eliminates the need for an additional machine. After trackwork, operations can resume at the expected speed without imposing temporary speed limitations.

USP 2010 SWS Profiling Machine

This self-propelled machine redistributes underfill. It balances the quantity, removing excess and relocating it to areas with a grit deficit. Utilizing various components (like work plows, rotary brush-equipped pick-up devices, belt conveyors, and ballast hoppers), these machines shape and profile track bed mounds.

Budimex boasts three track compactors from Plasser & Theurer: the CSM 09-32 Duomatic from 2018, and two Unimats: the 09-4×4/4 Dynamic from 2018 and 201. Additionally, the company owns two rail profiling machines, one rail stabilizer, a locomotive, several self-loading cars for transporting crushed stone and platform cars, and other minor equipment, including modern gauge trucks. Budimex Kolejnictwo also possesses a network train, bidirectional vehicles, and network transport platforms. In total, Budimex has over 80 units of rolling stock and track machines.

Representatives at the TRAKO Fair

Leading Budimex at the TRAKO fair will be Dariusz Bac, Director of the Railway Construction Division, Robert Nowacki of Rail BX, and Rafał Zachuta, Director of the Czech branch. Budimex stands as one of Poland's two major general contractors for railway network construction projects. Their most substantial project is the Warszawa Zachodnia station, valued at a net PLN 1.9 billion. In September, Budimex joined a Polish-Italian-French consortium set to construct 230 km of the new Rail Baltica line in Latvia.

Source: Budimex