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Budimex and Gülermak Secure PLN 1.93 Billion Contract for Polish Rail Upgrade

Budimex and Gülermak Secure PLN 1.93 Billion Contract for Polish Rail Upgrade
photo: Budimex / Public domain/Budimex
12 / 03 / 2024

Budimex, in consortium with Gülermak, has inked a PLN 1.93 billion contract with PKP Polish Railway Lines (PKP PLK) to undertake extensive construction work on the railroad line No. 104, section D, spanning Limanowa to siding Klęczany.

This project, to be completed within 31 months, marks a critical phase in the modernization of the Chabówka - Nowy Sącz railroad. The collaboration sees Budimex leading with a 50% stake, while Gülermak Ağır Sanayi Inşaat ve Taahhüt and Gülermak each hold a 25% share. The project aims to connect the planned Podłęże-Piekiełko railroad with key destinations like Zakopane and Nowy Sącz, reinforcing the significance of line 104 in Poland's rail network.

Budimex / Public domain

The challenge of this project lies in its scale and complexity, particularly noted for the construction of two tunnels totaling 7.5 kilometers in length and the erection of 22 bridges and overpasses. Gülermak's President, Bülent Özdemir, says, "We have two tunnels to build in the extremely demanding geological conditions of the Carpathian flysch, within a very short deadline," highlighting then the company's track record in tackling complex projects under rigorous conditions.

"In the case of LK No. 104 on section D Limanowa - siding Klęczany, we are dealing with by far the longest section and a large-scale project. Considering its value, it is undoubtedly, next to Warsaw West, one of the most important railroad projects of recent years. The fact that we are actively participating in the implementation of both key projects is a confirmation of our know-how and proficiency in conducting even very complex and challenging railroad investments," comments Artur Popko, President of Budimex SA.