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BREAKING: MERMEC Signs Contracts to Supply Italian Technology to Singapore

BREAKING: MERMEC Signs Contracts to Supply Italian Technology to Singapore
photo: MERMEC/MERMEC Signs Contracts to Supply Italian Technology to Singapore
15 / 12 / 2022

Today, 15 December, as part of a Gala event organized at the Italian Embassy in Singapore, in the presence of Italian Ambassador Vattani and the entire top public, private, and government transport management in Singapore, MERMEC signed contracts for the diagnostics of the Singapore metro confirming its continued growth in Asia.

MERMEC on LinkedInThe company is present in 71 countries worldwide, part of Angel Holding (which also includes other companies such as VAIMOO (bike-sharing), BLACKSHAPE (aviation), and SITAEL (aerospace) and headed by Cavaliere del Lavoro Vito Pertosa.

MERMEC is present in Singapore with an important hub characterized by a high level of technology serving customers. In fact, the Singapore metro, Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT), is known to be among the safest and most advanced urban transport systems in the world.

In total, MERMEC has supplied and operates three Infrastructure Diagnostic Railcars (the last of which is being delivered right now) and numerous systems installed on customers' passenger trains.

To consolidate its presence and to better serve the strategic area of Southeast Asia, since 2020, MERMEC has had its own company in Singapore with a local office where highly specialized Singaporean and Italian technicians and engineers work.

MERMEC on LinkedIn

"We are proud to be recognized also in Singapore, the cradle of excellence in Asia, as a world leader in our sector," says Angelo Petrosillo, Vice President of Institutional Affairs of MERMEC.



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