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BÄR Bahnsicherung has been taken over by Stadler

BÄR Bahnsicherung has been taken over by Stadler
photo: Stadler press materials/Stadler´s train - illustrative picture
10 / 12 / 2021

Signaling technology and digitalization internal developments are the two main focuses of Stadler, which has taken over the BÄR Bahnsicherung. The takeover will provide a contractual partner to the customers offering infrastructure and vehicle signaling from a single source.

Stadler and BÄR Bahnsicherung both see this as a triumph of the Swiss rail industry, resulting in possible international business opportunities.

BÄR Bahnsicherung, with its headquarters in Fehraltorf, has facilities in Oensingen, Olten, and Lausanne, all maintained by Stadler employees.

Stadler joined the signaling market in 2016 to be no longer be dependent on competing services. The company, in early 2020, built its engineering facility, located in Wallisellen, which became a Stadler Group subsidiary.

Stadler’s Guradia train protection system got approved in 2019. Since then, the Guradia train protection system has got used in several European countries. It has also been incorporated into BLS’s new Flirt trains in Switzerland since 2021

BÄR Bahnsicherung, which employs over 130 employees, has been strengthening its position as Switzerland´s largest provider for railway safety for more than 30 years.

BÄR Bahnsicherung provides a large spectrum of services in the field of infrastructural railway safety, from planning, developing, engineering, and construction of devices to commissioning and safety tests, including safety reports. Another central pillar got added to the improved technology of the relay safety device.