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ÖBB RCG Achieves Better Environmental Score

ÖBB RCG Achieves Better Environmental Score
photo: ÖBB Rail Cargo Group/ÖBB RCG Achieves Better Environmental Score
26 / 01 / 2023

The ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) has significantly enhanced its environmental standing in the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project), a prominent global rating system.

The CDP, a non-profit organization, evaluates companies, cities, regions, and countries based on their environmental transparency and performance. It is widely recognized as the gold standard for environmental reporting, with its data utilized by investors, businesses, policymakers, academics, and the media.

RCG's improvement in the CDP rating is due to notable advancements in various assessment areas, such as Governance, Scope 1, 2, and 3 Emissions and Verification, which received an A rating, and Risk Management Processes, which earned an A- rating. The company's current B rating highlights its positive environmental progress.

However, RCG aspires to further enhance its environmental performance by providing additional data in other areas covered by the questionnaire. By doing so, the company aims to achieve a higher rating while remaining focused on its climate objectives.