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Archicom and Budimex Forge Record-Breaking Contract for Południk 17 Estate in Wrocław

Archicom and Budimex Forge Record-Breaking Contract for Południk 17 Estate in Wrocław
photo: BUDIMEX / Public domain/Archicom and Budimex representatives
07 / 05 / 2024

Archicom, a prominent real estate developer, has recently awarded a record PLN 140 million contract to Budimex, Poland's leading construction firm, to spearhead the development of the Południk 17 estate in Wrocław.

This contract marks a significant milestone as the highest-ever remuneration agreement for Archicom's subcontractors. Under this agreement, Budimex will construct two residential buildings complete with integrated garages and develop the surrounding area, enhancing the urban landscape of Wrocław.

"The competences we have built at Archicom allow us to independently conduct comprehensive projects on the real estate market. We use internal resources for this purpose, but we also willingly cooperate with trusted external entities," said Grzegorz Czyżewski, Archicom’s Director of Tenders and Contracts. "In recent days, we have selected the general contractor for one of our investments in Wrocław through a tender. The Południk 17 estate will be built for us by the WSE-listed company Budimex, the largest construction company in Poland."

Source: Budimex / Public domain

Meanwhile, Andrzej Schmalenberg, Director of the Southern Division of General Construction at Budimex, emphasized the strategic alignment and mutual benefits expected from this collaboration. "we are not slowing down and we are convinced that the joint operation of such large entities as Archicom and Budimex will only bring benefits to both companies," said Schmalenberg.

This partnership not only reflects the companies' commitment to quality and timely execution but also aligns with Archicom's ambitious strategy to increase its annual flat sales, aiming for short-term targets of 3,000 flats and medium-term goals of 4,000 flats.