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Anticipation is Over: Polish Logistics Day is Set to Start Tomorrow

Anticipation is Over: Polish Logistics Day is Set to Start Tomorrow
photo: / Public domain/Polish Logistics Day 2022
13 / 11 / 2023

Tomorrow, the Embassy of Polish Logistics in Prague will open its doors for Polish Logistics Day. Among the attendees at this traditional event will be the renowned Polish construction giant, BUDIMEX.

Organizers have prepared four panel discussions focusing on innovations and the current challenges in the transport and logistics cooperation between Poland and the Czech Republic. A key participant in this full-day event is the Polish construction titan BUDIMEX, a major player in the construction world, now making its foray into the Czechoslovak infrastructure market.

This event holds significance not only for the transport and logistics collaboration between Poland and the Czech Republic but also from an infrastructural perspective. For instance, the Czech Minister of Transport, Martin Kupka, often cites Poland as a benchmark in Czech infrastructure construction. This is no surprise, given that data from televised political debates suggest that construction in Poland is both cheaper and faster.

The first panel discussion, titled "Universalism of Polish Ports - Regular Maritime Connections as a Guarantee of Deliveries from/to the Czech Republic," will feature Jakub Koczara from the Maritime Port Authority in Gdynia. Following this, the second discussion on the logistics offer of Baltic operators will include Jan Sechter from the Czech Chamber of Commerce and Marcin Kamola from the Baltic Hub.

The third panel, focusing on the construction of expressways and modernization of railway tracks in Poland, will see participation from members of the Czech Republic's Chamber of Deputies, Ondřej Lochman and Martin Kolovratník. The final discussion will center around "New Operating Models and Cross-Border Trade Support." Among the speakers for this segment are Adam Tomczak from Allegro and representatives from the Czech state administration and parliament.