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Alternative Freight Route Emerges Amidst European Tunnel Challenges

Alternative Freight Route Emerges Amidst European Tunnel Challenges
photo: Hanno Thurnher / ÖBB/Alternative Freight Route Emerges Amidst European Tunnel Challenges
18 / 09 / 2023

Freight transport between Italy and Germany has recently been disrupted, primarily due to the issues at the Gotthard tunnel and the Brenner route. Responding to these challenges, ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG) has unveiled the TransFER Verona-Wuppertal, a new route designed to streamline freight traffic between these pivotal markets. Although the Brenner route is now operational following its August cessation, limited activity persists at the Gotthard tunnel due to an ongoing derailment recovery.

TransFER Verona-Wuppertal is both a stop-gap solution and a strategic offering aimed at bridging northern Italy and Germany's Ruhr area more efficiently. This direct network promises to catalyze continental goods movement and encourage a shift towards sustainable rail transit. Such a transformation is doubly beneficial, as it not only underscores an eco-friendly commitment but also seeks to reduce the notorious transit congestion witnessed in the Tyrol, aggravated by the issues on the Brenner axis.

The new route's adaptability has been designed to accommodate a varied spectrum of containers, from 20-foot to 45-foot sizes, including swap bodies and craneable trailers. Currently active, the TransFER Verona-Wuppertal assures three weekly round trips, bridging the terminals of Sommacampagna-Sona near Verona and Wuppertal-Langerfeld's DUSS.

Reflecting its future-forward stance, RCG hints at potential expansions, ready to augment the number of round trips should demand necessitate.