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Alstom’s Largest Portfolio of Components Is Used by Manufacturers Worldwide

Alstom’s Largest Portfolio of Components Is Used by Manufacturers Worldwide
photo: Alstom/Alstom’s Largest Portfolio of Components Is Used by Manufacturers Worldwide
13 / 01 / 2023

Production of modern, low-emission rolling stock is a major technological and logistical challenge. With the broadest components portfolio in the industry, decades of experience, and a worldwide presence, Alstom offers the best solutions for sustainable transport. Approximately 25 – 30 per cent of all parts used by Alstom in the production of rail vehicles are designed and manufactured in-house. These are critical technologies in terms of quality, efficiency and innovation. As they define individual vehicles, they have a decisive impact on their final performance and differentiate them from the competition.

Alstom has currently around 50 sites, located all over the world – in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia. In these facilities, we produce bogies, drives and traction that move the train, interiors, train control and information systems, as well as friction brakes. These are the critical components in reference to which we cannot be solely dependent on suppliers. Sometimes we acquire systems from suppliers who have specific know-how based on their experience in certain industries,” says Sławomir Cyza, CEO and Managing Director of Alstom in Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic States.

Other manufacturers also use technologies designed and manufactured by Alstom in over forty countries around the world. Alstom supplies customers with finished vehicles and systems and components for vehicle manufacturers and providers of services, infrastructure and IT solutions. With a complete portfolio of technologies and solutions for rail, Alstom consistently invests in innovation and is a global leader in battery, hydrogen and hybrid rail solutions. With a worldwide reach, Alstom understands the end customer's country, and their specific needs and often manufactures or services locally.

In 2022, Nadarzyn in Poland appeared on Alstom's global map of production sites. Production of bogies for regional trains, metros and trams was launched there. The new site will employ 200 people. The cost of the investment will be more than €10 million. Shortly, the site will also service bogies for high-speed trains (up to 250 km/h). It will be the first service centre of this type in Poland. All Alstom sites in Poland employ more than 4,000 people. This makes Alstom the largest employer, as well as the production and export leader in the Polish rail sector.

Source: Alstom Press Releases


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