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Alstom's JV Signs Landmark Contract for Shanghai Metro's Core Electromechanical System Maintenance

Alstom's JV Signs Landmark Contract for Shanghai Metro's Core Electromechanical System Maintenance
photo: Alstom/Alstom's JV Signs Landmark Contract for Shanghai Metro's Core Electromechanical System Maintenance
21 / 07 / 2023

Alstom’s Chinese joint venture, CRRC Puzhen Alstom Transportation Systems Ltd. (PATS) and Shanghai Shenkai Public Transport Operation Management Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for the maintenance of the core electromechanical system of the Pujiang Line in Puzhen, Nanjing.

The scope of the contract includes daily maintenance of APM vehicles, signalling, track, comprehensive monitoring, and communications systems on the Shanghai Pujiang Line (henceforth referred to as Pujiang Line). The service period lasts 5 years, and it is the first full life-cycle core electromechanical system maintenance contract for urban rail transit APM obtained by PATS.

Ming Geng, Managing Director of Alstom China, says: "We are grateful to Shanghai Shentong Metro Group for once again recognising and affirming the technology and services of Alstom and our joint ventures in China. Shanghai Metro recently held a series of events to celebrate its 30th anniversary of operation, and Alstom is honored to be able to participate in and witness the development of Shanghai Metro. With more than 60 years of experience in China, Alstom will work together with our joint ventures to serve Shanghai Metro with high-quality, green, and intelligent transportation solutions, and to ensure the safe and comfortable travel of Shanghai citizens with full life cycle core services."

Pujiang Line is the first APM rail transit line in Shanghai, and it is also the first automatic rubber-tired rapid transit system in China to interconnect with the subway. The total length of the line is 6.6 kilometers, and is fully elevated with a total of 6 stations. The train is composed of 4 cars, with a total length of 51 metres, and the train can carry a maximum of 560 passengers. The vehicle contains a lightweight car body, regenerative braking, and an intelligent power management system, which can minimise energy consumption. It is also equipped with high-reliability explosion-proof steel-rim tires in terms of safety and has integrated green, intelligent, safe, and efficient features.

As an extension of the Shanghai Metro Line 8, Pujiang Line has been of great significance to the regional development of Pujiang Town since it was put into operation in March 2018. After five years of operational practice, the Pujiang Line has leveraged the advantages of rail transit in terms of convenience, speed, safety, and punctuality, working as a paradigm of APM lines. In recent years, in order to ensure the smooth opening and safe operation of the Pujiang Line, PATS has continuously reviewed and optimised various aspects such as design, production, delivery, testing, operation, and maintenance, gradually improving troubleshooting plans, shortening troubleshooting time, and making guarantee services more professional and efficient. Therefore, PATS has won full recognition and trust.

Source: Alstom