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Alstom wins the largest railway contract in Denmark’s history

Alstom wins the largest railway contract in Denmark’s history
photo: DSB/DSB
22 / 06 / 2021

First-order from landmark framework agreement with DSB covers 100 Coradia Stream trains and 15 years of maintenance.

Alstom, a global leader in smart and sustainable mobility, has won the largest train tender in Danish rail history. Part of a landmark framework agreement with Danish State Railways (DSB) valued at a total of €2.6 billion, the first firm order of 100 Coradia Stream regional trains as well as a 15-year full-service maintenance agreement amounts to a value of €1.4 billion. The framework agreement includes an additional 15 years of maintenance services and the possibility to order additional trainsets.

Delivery of DSB’s “Fremtidens Tog – Nye Tog” (Trains of the Future – New Trains) is scheduled to begin in the last quarter of 2024. Once in service, this new fleet will operate as a regional and fast rail service and connect Denmark’s Frederikshavn region in the north to Rødby in the southeast after passing through the capital city of Copenhagen.

“We are of course extremely pleased that DSB has selected Alstom to build their ‘Trains of the Future’. This further cements Alstom’s position as the reliable, world-leading train manufacturer of choice. At the same time, we already have a number of long-term maintenance agreements around Europe, which means that we come with a robust services set-up that supports the fleet’s reliability,” said Rob Whyte, Managing Director of Alstom Nordics.

The Coradia Stream for DSB has been specially adapted to meet the needs of the Danish rail network and its top speed of 200 km/h will help ensure swift mobility across the country. Each trainset will consist of five single- deck coaches with a total seating capacity for 300 passengers. The trains will be pre-fitted with Alstom’s Atlas onboard ETCS Baseline 3, as well as an STM interface enabling it to operate on Denmark’s legacy signalling system.


Source: Alstom press releases