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Alstom Secures Major Maintenance Contract for Koleje Mazowieckie's Double-Deck Coaches

Alstom Secures Major Maintenance Contract for Koleje Mazowieckie's Double-Deck Coaches
photo: Alstom/Alstom Secures Major Maintenance Contract for Koleje Mazowieckie's Double-Deck Coaches
07 / 07 / 2023

Alstom has signed a contract with Koleje Mazowieckie, a regional rail operator in the Mazovian Voivodeship in Poland, to carry out P5 maintenance of 37 Twindexx double-deck coaches. The project will be undertaken between 2023 and 2025 in accordance with the quality, reliability and technical safety requirements of the IRIS standard (ISO/TS 22163).

Alstom will overhaul 26 trailing double-deck coaches “Bpz” and 11 control double-deck coaches “ABpbdzf”. The gross value of the contract accounts for over seventy million eight hundred and twenty thousand Polish zlotys. This type of repair must be done after 16 years of operation. The basic scope of the work in the fifth maintenance level (P5) includes all activities described in the documentation of the maintenance system as well as technical and operational documentation. “Bpz” mid-series bi-level coaches and 11 “ABpbdzf” control series bi-level coaches will be inspected in detail for the condition of components and assemblies, along with their partial disassembly from the coach, replacement and repair. The contract also includes additional work, the supply of mono-block wheels and their replacement.

"The double-deck coaches were the first railroad vehicles of this type purchased by the Regional Government of the Masovian Voivodeship for Masovian Railways. As a result, push-pull trains were launched as the first in Poland. These trains successfully serve designated routes in Mazovia, as well as "Słoneczny" or "Słoneczny – BIS" trains running from Warsaw to the seaside in the summer season. Repairs to all 37 control and trailing coaches will be carried out in accordance with the Maintenance System Documentation, and will also undergo the necessary modernization resulting from current regulations," – said Czesław Sulima, Head of Management Board, Operations Director of the Masovian Railways. 

The contract also includes the repair of air system valves and pressure sensors, the replacement of air conditioning fan motors, and the renewal of the exterior varnish coating. Changes related to repair in the fifth maintenance level (P5) will also be noticed by travellers. Replacement of damaged windows, carpets and partial restoration of the most damaged passenger seats is planned.

"Modern, low-emission rolling stock is key to the development of the regional and suburban railway. Double-deck coaches play an important role and are characterised by high capacity, ideal for lines serving high passenger traffic. We are pleased that Twindexx trains have become an important element of the landscape across Mazovia and Warsaw. Comprehensive overhaul services will allow for the further safe operation of these coaches in Koleje Mazowieckie’s fleet in the years to come," points out Slawomir Cyza, CEO and Managing Director of Alstom in Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic States.

Twindexx is a series of modern push-pull passenger double-deck coaches. Since 2008, there have been 37 Twindexx Vario coaches in the fleet of Koleje Mazowieckie, including 11 control coaches and 26 trailing coaches. In addition to Poland, Twindexx coaches are also operated in Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, Israel and the United States, among others.

Source: Alstom