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Alstom Foundation Champions Eco-Education with Seres Plásticos Initiative in Spanish Schools

Alstom Foundation Champions Eco-Education with Seres Plásticos Initiative in Spanish Schools
photo: Alstom / Public domain/Alstom's 'Seres Plásticos' Initiative
18 / 01 / 2024

The Alstom Foundation is promoting in Spain a new edition of the 'Seres Plásticos' initiative, an environmental education program developed by Fundación Vivo Sano to raise awareness about the problems caused by the accumulation of plastic waste. This initiative, which is being developed mainly in schools, will include awareness-raising and volunteering activities from Alstom employees in Spain.

To carry it out, the Alstom Foundation is providing logistical support and financing the design, planning, and implementation of the project activities. The initiative is divided into three phases: awareness, action, and sharing best practices.

The project's first phase consists of organizing 90 workshops for students, 30 for teachers, and 3 for employees of the Alstom centers in Madrid, Santa Perpètua de Mogoda (Barcelona), and Trápaga (Bizkaia). These workshops will focus on raising awareness of the pollution generated by plastic and its impact on our health. In the second phase, voluntary activities will be carried out to clean up natural environments in Madrid, Barcelona, and Bizkaia, in which both students and their families from the schools where the training has been given, as well as Alstom employees and their families, will be able to participate. Finally, a competition will be held in which students from schools throughout Spain will be able to share the best environmental practices they are developing at their school through videos.

Alstom / Public domain

The project has an estimated direct reach of more than 2,200 students, 430 teachers, and around 2,000 families.

Founded in 2007, the Alstom Foundation supports and finances projects proposed by Alstom employees and developed in partnership with local NGOs and non-profit organizations. The initiatives aim to improve the living conditions of communities near the group's sites worldwide. The Foundation's projects focus on four axes: access to mobility, environmental protection, access to energy and water, and socio-economic development. In this latest edition, the Foundation Board received 240 proposals from 44 countries. Of these, the Foundation will fund 36 projects in 2023/2024, with a budget of €2.2 million. 


Source: Alstom