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Alstom Celebrates Norwegian Legacy with Street Art by Ukrainian Artists

Alstom Celebrates Norwegian Legacy with Street Art by Ukrainian Artists
photo: Alstom/Alstom Celebrates Norwegian Legacy with Street Art by Ukrainian Artists
12 / 06 / 2023

Alstom, the global leader in smart and sustainable mobility, celebrates 150 years in Norway. To mark the anniversary, Alstom presented a gift to Oslo's residents in the form of street art, painted by Ukrainian artists at Skøyen station.

The artworks, which were recently presented to Alstom employees and different stakeholders, were created by Ukrainian artist couple Alex Maksiov and Tetiana Talanova. The renowned artists have participated in several international projects and have performed award-winning street art worldwide. Tetiana Talanova currently lives in Berlin as a refugee from Ukraine and has been working on the street artwork at Skøyen station since May 29th. Her husband Alex Maksiov was prevented from leaving Kyiv due to the war situation in his homeland. As a result, Tetiana completed the artwork on behalf of her husband.

“On the occasion of Alstom’s 150th anniversary in Norway, we wanted to offer a gift to the city of Oslo, and since our office is located only a few minutes from Skøyen station, it seemed like the perfect location. We hope the artworks will brighten up the everyday lives of each person who travels in the area. We are pleased and proud that Alex Maksiov and Tetiana Talanova accepted to take on the project,” said Carl Åge Bjørgan, Managing Director of Alstom in Norway.

etiana Talanova, Anne Lindbo, Florence Robine, Carl Oscar Pedersen and Carl Åge Bjørgan / Ida Breili Davidsen, Alstom

Both artists have worked with the topic of “mobility or movement” for each artwork. They have been given complete artistic freedom to choose how to interpret the subject. This topic seemed fitting since sustainable mobility is central and fundamental to Alstom's operations. 

Alstom is also collaborating with Bane NOR Eiendom on the project. Bane NOR Eiendom has provided the surfaces at Skøyen station and contributed with lighting the artworks. 

Alstom's Norwegian roots go back to Strømmens Verksted, which was founded in 1873. The mechanical workshop is legendary in Norwegian railway history. Strømmens Verksted has built most of NSB's (now Vy) trainsets and the first tramcars for Oslo Sporveier (now Sporveien). The workshop was in operation until the 2000s.

“Alstom is proud to continue the legacy of Strømmens Verksted with new train contracts in Norway. We promise to continue to develop smart, innovative and sustainable mobility solutions that strengthen the railway as the most environmentally friendly form of transport in Norway,” concludes Carl Åge Bjørgan. 


Alstom is the biggest supplier of trains in Norway with approximately 1/3 of Norway’s total fleet of passenger trains. The enrolment of Alstom’s onboard ERTMS system on approximately 380 trains by 2026 will contribute to making the Norwegian railway network more efficient and reliable, reducing delays for passengers and freight services while guaranteeing the highest levels of safety. In 2022, Alstom won a landmark €1.8 billion framework agreement with Norske tog for the delivery of 200 regional trains.

Source: Alstom