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Alstom business transactions for the first nine months of 2021/22

Alstom business transactions for the first nine months of 2021/22
photo: Alstom/Alstom business transactions for the first nine months of 2021/22
24 / 01 / 2022

In its press release, Alstom released essential data such as order intake for the nine months of €14.3 billion, up 47 percent compared to last year's pro forma, with a firm order intake of €4.6 billion in Q3 and a permanent backlog of €77.8 billion. During the third quarter of 2021/22 (1 October to 31 December 2021), Alstom booked orders of €4.6 billion. Group revenues amounted to €3.9 billion.

For the first nine months of 2021/22 (1 April to 31 December 2021), Alstom's order intake amounted to €14.3 billion. Group revenues reached €11.4 billion, in line with the target trajectory.

The order backlog on 31 December 2021 amounted to €77.8 billion and provided strong visibility on future sales.

"Alstom is making solid progress with strong growth momentum. With our extended scope and portfolio, we continued to win in a strong market environment, driven by large-scale investments into sustainable mobility. During the third quarter, Europe was the most dynamic region for Alstom commercially. Our sales have progressed as announced, thanks to production ramp-up and stabilization of our rolling stock projects and strong performance in Services. The end of this month will mark the first anniversary of the Bombardier Transportation acquisition with our integration roadmap fully on track.", said Henri Poupart-Lafarge, Alstom Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Alstom provided geographic and product breakdowns of reported orders and sales in Appendix 1. All figures mentioned in this release are unaudited. 

New Alstom's pro forma like-for-like changes, orders, and sales correspond to Alstom's like-for-like changes following the acquisition of Bombardier Transportation, which integrates Bombardier Transportation for the comparable period before the purchase. The pre-acquisition financial data used to calculate the "pro forma similar changes of the new Alstom," i.e., sales, are removed from the historical financial statements of Alstom and Bombardier Transportation. The pro forma recalculations included in Chapter 3 of the URD "Unaudited proforma condensed financial information as of 31 March 2021" were included to ensure comparability of the results. The business performance figures correspond to the receipt of orders recorded by Alstom and Bombardier Transportation, which integrate Bombardier Transportation, for the comparable period preceding the acquisition. These indicators are not long-term on an organic basis. Therefore, they did not get restated to eliminate the impact of changes in scope and changes resulting from the translation of financial statements into euros due to foreign exchange rates against the euro.