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AKIN MAKİNA: Serving More Than 20 Countries In 5 Continents

AKIN MAKİNA: Serving More Than 20 Countries In 5 Continents
photo: AKIN MAKINA press materials/AKIN MAKINA
07 / 06 / 2021

AKIN MAKİNA was founded in 1976 in Konya, Turkey and has been constantly developing as one of the most prosperous companies in its industry to this day.

Although AKIN Machinery is specialized in the rail transport industry spare parts (locomotives & wagons), they also manufacture spare parts for other crucial sectors.

With a production area of 20,000 m² and an impressive technological machine and tool base, as well as highly qualified, trained, and experienced professionals, the company offers its numerous customers around the world high-quality products and professional services.

With a forging capacity of 10,000 tons and up to 70 Kg part weight, AKIN is able to support its customers with a wide range of spare parts, for example, Screw Couplings, Side Bearers, Traction Stops, Brake Triangles, and many others, used in Y25 Bogies and other bogie types.

For the precise machining after forging AKIN has 5 AXIS HERMLE and almost 10 CNC machines of all types and dimensions.

In AKIN’s Quality Control Laboratory they have Zeiss Accura 2-micron precision CMM, Ultrasonic Imaging, Chemical Analysis Spectrometer, Tensile Test Machine, V Impact Device, and Magnetic Particle Inspection Device.