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Adif Concluded 2022 with the Highest Investment in HSR Works in the Navarre Region. Here's All You Need to Know

Adif Concluded 2022 with the Highest Investment in HSR Works in the Navarre Region. Here's All You Need to Know
photo: Adif AV/Adif Concluded 2022 with the Highest Investment in HSR Works in the Navarre Region
02 / 01 / 2023

Adif Alta Velocidad has tendered the works of the Ebro viaduct of the Castejón-Comarca de Pamplona section and will tender the works of another platform section of the high-speed line in Navarre in 2023: the one between Tafalla and Campanas. It was announced today by the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, during her visit to Navarre.

The planned investment in the viaduct over the Ebro (700 m) amounts to 68.3 million euros, and the project takes into account design considerations and minimisation of the effect on the riverside vegetation - which has defined the circular section of the piers and their position - as well as the special environmental conditions of an area included in the Natura Network.

The minister announced that in 2023, Adif AV would launch the tender for another line section that connects the high-speed railway to the Autonomous Region of Navarre. Under supervision, the Tafalla-Campanas project (15.1 km) could start its tendering process, once technically approved, by the middle of next year, with an investment of more than 240 million euros. The project will include the construction of three tunnels and a 540-metre viaduct, as well as a 3.5-kilometre section of the current line (Alsasua-Castejón).

Progress is also being made on the short link with the Zaragoza-Logroño line, at Castejón, with the approval of the Information Study by the Mitma and the environmental study.

With these projects, the progress pace of the high-speed railway in the region of Navarre continues: 2022 concludes as the year with the largest investment in this area, with more than 60 million euros, twice as much as in 2021. Since 2018, the volume of investment in high-speed rail has risen to more than 160 million.

Boosting industrial development and access to rail logistics

The new investments have been announced during the signing of a general action protocol to promote the construction of a new railway bypass between the industrial estates of Landaben and Arazuri-Orkoien, signed by the minister Raquel Sánchez, the Regional Minister of Territorial Cohesion of the Government of Navarre, Bernardo Ciriza, and the president of Adif and Adif AV, María Luisa Domínguez, in the presence of the president of Navarre, María Chivite. The project, which is strategic for Navarre's business fabric, will facilitate the development of this industrial area and access to railway logistics services.

The new route (2 km) will restructure the area and boost the growth of the Volkswagen factory after removing the barrier represented by the conventional Zaragoza-Alsasua line in the section known as the Pamplona Region Railway Loop. Given the project's complexity and based on the management assignment also signed on December 29 between both parties, Adif will provide advice and technical support to the Government of Navarre during its development.

The new line will be integrated into the General Interest Railway Network (RFIG) and, once in operation, Adif will dismantle the current route, which runs through the interior of the Landaben industrial estate. Likewise, Adif will disassemble the land from the public railway service to study, together with the Regional Administration, the conditions and formulas for its transfer. Once the actions foreseen in the Informative Study of the Pamplona region's railway network come into service, the land of the new line will revert to the Regional Administration free of charge.

The Villafranca-Peralta high-speed section is more than 80 per cent completed.

The minister later visited the works being carried out by Adif AV on the Villafranca-Peralta section (5 km) of the new high-speed connection to Navarre, which is part of the Atlantic Corridor. The works on this section are more than 80% completed and will be finished in 2023, after an investment of 75.7 million euros.

The section runs through the municipalities of Villafranca, Marcilla and Peralta. The Marcilla viaduct (854 m), which resolves the junction with the Zaragoza-Alsasua railway line and the NA-228 and NA-660 roads; the viaduct over the Aragón river (546 m), which crosses the river bed and the flood plain, minimising the impact on the species in the area, such as the European mink; the pergola over the AP-15 motorway (154 m); and the 'El Montico' cut-and-cover tunnel (394 m), which integrates the infrastructure into its surroundings.

High-speed connection to Navarre

With the completion of this work in 2023, four platform sections of the high-speed line in Navarre on the Castejón-Campanas route (Castejón-Cadreita; Cadreita-Villafranca, Villafranca-Peralta and Peralta-Olite) will be finished, thus concluding the Castejón-Olite route.

Adif AV has been entrusted with the execution of the route between Castejón -linked with the Zaragoza-Logroño route- and Pamplona, distributed in 5 subsections: Castejón-Villafranca (platform executed by the government of the Autonomous Community of Navarre); Villafranca-Olite, distributed in two subsections (Olite-Tafalla Sur and Tafalla Sur-Tafalla; both under construction); Tafalla-Campanas and Campanas-Esquiroz, under informative study. In addition to these stretches, there is the link with the Zaragoza-Logroño section in Castejón and the elimination of the Pamplona Railway Loop, under informative study.  

Adif and Adif AV's actions in the region of Navarre contribute to the achievement of SDG 9 (development of reliable, sustainable and quality infrastructures to support economic development and human well-being); and SDG 15 (protection, restoration and promotion of the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems).

European funding

The works on the Ebro river viaduct and the Tafalla-Campanas viaduct have European funding through the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan. It is funded by the European Union - NextGenerationEU.

Source: Adif AV Press Releases


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